Starting Entrepreneurs: How to keep your momentum going

Usually, ideas, if not nourished, end up crippling and dying. Even the most interesting and visionary. Without momentum, ideas that once had grown and developed in our head into the “next Google” end up loosing their vivid color and fall into oblivion. For startups, momentum lives and breathes in Silicon Valley, but for many of us, California is a bit out of hand… So you have to look for “momentum” in other places…

Momentum for startups is a cocktail based in support and information. With momentum suddenly things start getting done. The Silicon Valley has this “buzz” that gives a sense of community and filters the hottest information. But what if you can’t live in California, how do you find support and valuable information?

For most “outside” entrepreneurs, specially first timers, government bodies and financial institutions are the only sources of information and support, and as you may imagine they usually do a lousy job at it. That is why it is key to embrace other sources that can be easily accessible, don’t feel artificial, and are willing to give advice and support for nothing in exchange.

I have found this source of information in a well-known social platform… #twitter…

In my humble opinion #twitter is doing a much better job than governments and banks to incite entrepreneurship because it creates communities that don’t feel artificial and that actually work. In there, you can find endless quantities of information that can then be filtered depending in you own needs. You hear success stories being told as they happen by their own protagonists. You read advice that can be directly applied to your own story, helping you evolve, or “pivot”, your idea into whats hot at the moment. But most of all it gives you the feeling of being part of a successful community that can do anything that it proposes.

This is what has kept my momentum going. There is truly something motivational in listening the stories of those that have gone through the path before, and best of all watching them interact, behave and express their own opinions in a way that makes them human, accessible and replicable. That is the support that beginning entrepreneurs need, not endless bureaucracy, but the feeling of being truly doing something special and forming part of a successful community. That is how you get things done.

You can find that in Silicon Valley, but for those starting the entrepreneurship adventure,  trust me, #twitter does a great job. (and it’s much cheaper)

And how about you? When you first started, where did you find most help? How do you get your information? What daily routine gets you excited about building your startup and keeps your momentum going?


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