Understanding “BETA”

First thing to get out of the way… your users “don’t” understand BETA. This means that when they visit your business, if it doesn’t solve their problem they won’t come back. They don’t care if its Beta or Gamma. That is why BETA must not be approached as a way to get some feedback while work is in progress, but as a way of having a controlled situation where your objective is to learn as much as possible about the not-so-obvious motivations of your clients.

We have been “in Beta” since May and now we approach BETA in a different way. Mainly dividing it in two phases. This is what we’ve learned:

Use BETA wisely

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Ready for BETA

One week from now GIFTYBIT will launch its first BETA version. It has taken longer than expected (we started this adventure almost 8 months ago) but it all seems worth it. We are very excited with what we are building and truly believe that we have crated something that will “humanize” our social relations on the web forever.


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