Ready for BETA

One week from now GIFTYBIT will launch its first BETA version. It has taken longer than expected (we started this adventure almost 8 months ago) but it all seems worth it. We are very excited with what we are building and truly believe that we have crated something that will “humanize” our social relations on the web forever.


Nowadays we have got more “friends” than ever, but also we are capable of keeping in touch with all of them thanks to Internet and social networks. The human being is a “social” animal and is in constant need of those “social” contacts, so in theory there hasn’t been a better time to be a “homo sapiens” 🙂

Except for one thing… at the end, internet is a cold communication channel and there are times when we need to show that we care for others in a meaningful way. But the tools that we have fall short of that… and here comes GIFTYBIT.

We have focused (for now) on one simple human interaction event… birthdays. And we want to rock the world of birthdays.


1) By using the power of friends to make that day, the most memorable day for the protagonist in a long time.

2) By cherishing human relations and focusing on the individual relations between each other, but…

3) Using the power of Internet to add up all those warm-fuzzy-feelings into one useful and gorgeous result.

This is the start of a great human interaction project, but with much more to come… we want to rock the world of birthdays, or as we like to represent it visually: we want to change birthdays into BIRTHDAYS! … and after that? who knows… Human beings just love to interact with each other and show that they care 🙂

All the best,

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